Joie Aire Twin Stroller – Pink/Blue

Weight 11.6kg.
Max child weight 15kg.
Age suitability: from birth to 3 years.

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Joie Brisk LX

Hood with Zip Expandable (not with colour specification liquorice)
Backrest adjustable in 5 reclining positions
3 position height adjustable 5 point safety belt with soft touch padding

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Joie Litetrax 4 Adaptors

Fits to fit chair, prams Litet Rax four der treat
Colour: Black

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Joie Litetrax 4 LFC Pushchair/Stroller, Red Liverbird

Suitable from birth with flat reclining seat
Extremely compact in folded position, fits perfectly in small boots
Pairs perfectly with Gemm, i-Gemm, i-Level and i-Snug infant seats, no adapters needed

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Joie S1703AALYC000 Pushchairs

Joie strollers and pushchairs
Unisex children’s strollers and strollers
Mirus lychee (S1703AALYC000) Pushchair

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